VR Space
Blue Sky Academy is an online simulation of a performance, a supernatural dance experience, of visual documentary and rendered worlds. An academy with the purpose to revive Siberian shamanism as a spiritual practice. In a live-hosted hybrid of dance, lecture, video screening and virtual reality.
A discursive space that provides new visibility to the old, supposedly irrational belief system and the alternative views of the world inherent in shamanism.
It proposes an openness to the alterity, a sense of the otherness, of the multiple worlds that oscillate around the realms of the real, the hyperreal and the altered reality.
Inspired by a true story, Shaman-In-Residence is a speculative documentary on the contemporary life of a Siberian shaman in Germany. Reflecting on local knowledge, the lived experience and nonhuman knowledge, the series includes self-help body wellness exercises for beginners.