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Kalissi is an emerging womenswear brand founded by Christina Maria Hrdlicka, based in Vienna. The designer spent many years working in advertising, visual identities, fashion photography and graphic design before using her eclectic mix of creative roles to form the unique aesthetic of Kalissi.
The designs boast a garish and extroverted style that is sure to stand out and set itself apart from current contemporary fashion offerings, using bold colours and contemporary shapes to pay tribute to a quasi-retro look without appearing dated.
Kalissi’s confidence regarding the choice of fabrics and design comes from a background in textile and graphic design. Utilising non-conventional fabrics and clashing palettes, her work combines new-wave tailoring with surprising and humorous details, resulting in commercial but unique womenswear.
Inspired by the Austrian imperial times, kaiserlich und könglich. The collection takes it’s focus on opulent details such as pearls and ruffles paired with contemporary shapes and bright colours, adding a humorous and funky bridge to the ‚roial‘ looks of the new collection.