Virtual Exhibition

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead is a collaborative project bringing together 57 creatives from all over the world working in different fields of visual and performative arts, graphic design, and curatorial practices. The collaborative project explores the visual and creative potential of organic and speculative futures around one central object: the glove.

The project’s cross-disciplinary character engages and connects on different levels in the conception, production, and creation of content products, envisioning transdisciplinary scenarios where art, design, and technology meet to enable new object-related experiences to be vividly consumed.
Animation, computer-generated imagery (CGI)-enhanced photography, design, performance, video, sound design, and custom-made gloves are the result of collective thinking work, forming their own body of aesthetics that will meet and dialogue with other artistic practices and discourses in a multi-disciplinary exhibition.
It is the year 2070 and humankind has achieved new concepts of aesthetics, science, and technology that allow the understanding and imitation of nature , while enabling new forms of preservation and conception processes. Artificial intelligence has granted humanity the faculty to design unique ecosystems , creating an organic and synthetic future where art and technology no longer follow traditional canons in the conception of a visual culture that vividly reinterprets life and its experience. New tools enable new creations: It is in the hand of the new enhanced humankind .
Nurturing a new conception in the way we interpret the ongoing dialectics between the natural/artificial and real/virtual realms, NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead envisions a new paradigm where animate and inanimate objects transform the human body in symbiosis-generated processes. The organic future is characterized by a combination of both organic and synthetic potentialities in a broader conception of the ecological realm; i.e., aesthetics, materials, and conception processes, while questioning the transformation of the human and any biopolitical body through technology and artificial intelligence.