Immersive Experience
Nike has introduced its latest ACG (All Conditions Gear) collection via an innovative immersive experience in collaboration with the online retailer sivasdescalzo (SVD).
The brand’s division focuses on sustainability, practicality, and of course, exploring nature. But in a time where travel is limited, it can be hard to test out whether Nike’s gear is really “all conditions” or not — so the brand has partnered with Spanish retailer SVD to bring consumers closer to real interactions between the ACG line and nature.
The augmented digital platform, dubbed “An ACG Platform for the Digital Explorer,” is set at Crater Lake, a national park in Oregon.
The current situation makes physical interactions and access to distant locations difficult. As a result, immersive virtual technology adapted to virtual reality glasses is introduced, capable of actively connecting us with the outside world without the need to leave the urban context.
Developing the creative concept “Location Based Design” presented by Nike for ACG, SIVASDESCALZO explores for the first time new horizons of artistic interaction, which takes us to a virtual environment inspired by Crater Lake and offers us the possibility to approach the elements that make up the creativity of this collection.
You’ll be greeted by the Old Man of the Lake, a guide who will help you tour the terrain. It sounds weird, but is a great break from WFH — and is probably the closest you’ll get to a COVID vacation.